Linn LP12

Hello guys,

My LP12 has an SME3009 tonearm. Table is perfectly level yet when I lower the tonearm, it always wants to move outboard. I have to prevent it from moving outboard using fingers as tonearm is being lowered. Any idea what is causing this. Not 100% certain, but I believe that problem started after a cartridge change a while back. Table was not used for a couple years after cartridge change.

I would make sure the the cueing rest is level. I had a problem with mine once. When I raised it it would stay in one place but as I lowered it it would slide sideways because it was slanted slightly.
Anti skating control need adjustment?
Also, make sure there is nothing oily or slippery on the cue rest.
I wiped the cue rest with alcohol and it is now much better but not quite perfect. Thx for your help
If it pulled outward at all that means there is too much anti-skate. Back it off a bit and it will sound better.
My quess is that those demned springs are the cause. I remember that each time I approached the lift my heart sink
and I already had heart trouble. So I bought some other TT.
No heart problems since.
No anti-skate adjustment that I can find on the SME3009.
Its the little weight hanging on a string(also referred to as bias).I don't know if this is the correct instructions for your arm(this is for 3009R),but I hope so unless you still have yours.A lot of mine drifted 1-2 MM outward during cue down.Making sure everything was clean(so it doesn't slide as easy)and set correct still left me lowering the arm 1-2 MM inward on a lot of arms.The anti-skate seems to do it on a lot of them.A link to a manual,but may not be the correct settings.LINK>>[]SMEII?>>[]Pic[]
Retry the links,sorry.LINK SMEII? [] 3009R [] PIC []
One last link.A lot of variations.>>[]
OK.. minor anti-skating adjustment did the trick. Thanks for all your help guys.
Oh boy is this thing singing now !! I did not realize what this turntable is capable of. I have had it for a while but hardly ever used it. Amazing what a few (tracking force, bias guide position and bias setting) small adjustments can do to this table.
Excess anti-bias squashes the life out of the music. It's been discussed here many times. I play without any, but it's very cartridge-specific.

Glad you found the solution to the cueing problem. Gladder still that you found a way to find more of the music that's in your LP's. Keep adjusting and listening, you'll almost certainly find even more.
Thanks again guys! I really appreciate all your help.