linn lp 12 parts

Recent break in and my lp 12 was laying outside on steps.Two marks only beneath plinith on the black wood where it was dropped.Shaft broke off the inner platter.Where  can I get one?Any other things to inspect after a drop?Also need new dust cover with hinges and mat.Any help please.RW
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That is most unfortunate. Sorry to hear that. Scum are everywhere. LP12 is pretty fussy about how it is set up. I cannot imagine the state it is in. Is there a Linn dealer you can reach out to?
Did you break-up with girlfriend or getting divorced?

Not too many salvage LP12s I've seen so far.

I have Napa-Walker automotive store local to where I live with machine shop where I go quite often for manufacturing components that I can't find.

All I do is plot the draft of component I want to be made and they do that.
If you're savvy with engineering drafting or autocad software, you can submit request.

Try Ebay.  As far as what else needs to be replaced, you need to see whether the sub chassis was bent and if the table balances properly after setup. 
Don't know your location and/or if you have original box/packing? I highly recommend Tom at Overture Audio in Ann Arbor, MI. He overhauled 88' vintage LP12 in March/April this year. Sounds brand new!! I am sure he could even acquire box/ packing for you and do all that is necessary to bring up to whatever spec you desire. Certainly it is worth giving him a call to consult with! Probably could give you "ball park" $ # to work with! Best Wishes
Rick Duplisea, Owner of Audio Alternative is a master at restoring LP12’s.
He has a large stock of discontinued parts and refurbished my Linn Axis.

LP 12 has simple constrution with not so many parts. But Linn

invented many ''improved parts'' such that the (good) ''old parts''

can be get for cheap. There are at least 3 kinds of bearings,

platters, springs, motors and even screws. But you need to look

at for your missing parts.

Rick Duplisea, Owner of Audio Alternative is a master at restoring LP12’s.
+1  Rick has been a Linn dealer for close to 40 years now.  He is a master at Linn setup and reconditioning.
Just noticed today a Linn dust cover w/hinges on Cam, also lots
of other Linn parts.
Since its from Canada less at least 25% from the green back.