Linn LP 12 Lingo cable extension

So I've had my Lingo (type 2) for a long time. Due to a recent move and total rearrangement of how my equipment is placed, my Lingo is now on the floor. I would like to put it atop a record cabinet but the cord from the LP12 to the Lingo isn't long enough. Anyone know of any sort of extension cable allowing me to mount the Lingo say 8 ft from the turntable? 

BTW- still love my LP12 18 after years! 
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There are phono cables on the market similar to, where you'd use RCA couplers and join ground spades with some clip...
You can also purchase bulk 32awg phono wire and make long tonearm cable using same DIN connector and RCA
not looking to extend the phono cable- i want a longer power supply cable that goes between the table and the lingo

Contact your Linn dealer, I am sure he can have one made. I doubt it is available as a standard accessory. But I would think Linn would offer one as a custom build, but be prepared to pay.
turns out there is no linn or aftermarket solution available. Hard to have a beef that a manufacturer doesn't support a piece of equipment over 15 years old. I was advised that the sole supplier for the connector stopped making it. Such is the price of progress

only option is rearrange the gear or splice in a length of suitable wire
I'd choose longer wire and replace an entire cable  using original connectors so no splice will be on the path for aesthetics and for marketability.
Good point