linn lp-12 isosation

i recently installed a targete wall shelf for my linn lp-12. not only did it stop the needle bounce it made large improvements in the sound of the table. any other thought what i might do to improve the sound thanks
I second Tobias on the removal of the Trampolin base. The rhythm will be quicker and livelier. More toetapping! Before committing to any after-market isolating feet---which after all are just doing a variation of what the Trampolin does---try a set of basic screw-in hard rubber feet, the sort that were stock on older LP-12s. I've found that such an arrangement, sitting on the Target wall shelf, maximizes where the LP12 excels: rhythm and pace.
When I had an LP12 Lingo, it was on a Target wall shelf and my impression was the same as yours: large improvements to the sound (compared with having the TT on my rack or on a table). Two other things I did which also helped were 1) remove the Trampolin base, 2) place TT plinth on Audio Technica AT605 adjustable isolating feet.

The AT605 foot is no longer made. It gave a firmer support than the Trampolin foot but still not too firm. I would be tempted to try a footer from Herbie's Audio Lab as an alternative, as long as you didn't need a height adjustment feature.
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