Linn LP 12

I’ve had my LP12 for a long time . Ittock arm , original Lingo, DV10x5 . I’m considering having the Karousel bearing installed . Until then would I get any improvements by upgrading the tone arm cable and the lingo cable ?


Malbor, your second post, which asks a new question, is more incendiary than your OP. Best to stick to your question about limited upgrades to your LP12. Cables seldom fail to make a perceived difference but I agree with ghd; save your money for the major improvements.

Malbor, I owned an LP12 for a few years and I miss the sound. But I will never miss the constant maintenance. Tuning the suspension is a headache and the Linn upgrades are expensive. But when properly set up, ahhh the sound.

i went with a Rega RP10 and am happy with the sound, very close to the LP12, but plan someday to move on to a less proprietary table.

Good Luck



I don’t have a Linn, however, I have heard two superb LP12:


1. vinyl passion - everything looked at and improved - machining quality is wonderful.

2. The funk firm - not sure if they still make it but also a vast improvement over any Linn based mods (I heard a direct comparison) - it changes to a clever 3 pulley drive. 

don’t be bought in or conned with buying Linns own

You will be far better off asking about Linn upgrades on the Naim forum.