Linn LK85 and Konektor Interconnect

Would someone be able to recommend an interconnect for Linn Pre (Konektor) and Amp (Lk-85)? Please nothing to expensive.
The standard Linn Black interconnect is pretty good and for all-Linn gear a very good match (usually comes with the LK85). For some more detail and air the Nordost Blue Heaven are excellent interconnects.
I'm using single-ended Van Den Hul Integrated Hybrid (a little pricey @ $600 Cdn for both) from Linn Genki CD to VTL 2.5 preamp to Bryston 3BSST. I previously had all-Linn electronics.

The Van Den Hul D102 MK III has the same sonic signature (neutral, clean, good bass, and good detail) as the Integration Hybrid but at more realistic prices.

In comparison the standard Linn interconnects are a bit thin and harsh sounding. FWIW