Linn LK140-Linn Genki-Sonus Faber Grand piano Home

Hello everyone.I,m new to the high end market. I could use your help on this one. Does anyone know if this combo will work?

1)Linn LK140 Amp
2)Linn Genki CD
3)Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home speakers.

Thanks to all of you in advance!
That won't be a bad setup at all but for the money you can find some better speakers (B&W N804 just to name one). The Genki/LK140 is a fantastc small box/big sound combo and you can always add a pre if you want a turntable or tuner.
Nothing wrong with that combination at all. Also consider the Linn Espek (I actually liked the now-discontinued 5140 better), as the all-Linn setup allows a great upgrade path. You can add amps with active crossovers built in. Improves your rig without changing its fundamental qualities, and that keeps you off the audiophile treadmill that has many of us constantly noodling, diminishing our enjoyment of music, and impoverishing us at the same time.