Linn LK140+Kolektor with B&W CM1?

I am looking for an amplifier setup for my newly purchased B&W CM1 speakers. I fell in love with the sound from a Cambridge CDP + Bryston 4BSST + CM1. I am currently looking at a Linn LK140+Kolektor for $1200 CAD. How does Linn work with B&W bookshelf speakers? The other combination I am looking at is a passive preamp + Rotel RB991.

A few years ago I ran a Linn Mimik/Majik combo into DM602s2's. It was a little brighter and more forward than the Ninka's I have now. I enjoyed it but missed a little of the fluidity that I got with the all Linn setup I have now. I'll soon have an LK140 to add, which my dealer highly recommends.

That combo sounds like a fine deal. You'll easily recover your $$ should you not like it... In fact, contact me if you should ever want to part with the 140! My goal is to have a pair of them!

Thanks for your response Mark.

Does anyone have an opinion about the Linn Classik with the CM1s?
I have owned Kolktor+LK85 before but not with B&W. They are quite nice. I would urge you to look at a McIntosh Integrated as well. Good luck!