Linn LK 280 repair needed in Boulder


I recently bought a Linn LK 280 here. After 3 weeks it has developed a problem where it produces a great deal of whistling sounds when turned on. Even with input the signal disconnected. So I have a few questions.

1. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong?

2. What are the site policies on sales like this? I don't think the seller purposefully sold me a bad amp, but how are issues like this dealt with in this community? It seems like it should have gone more than 30 days before crapping it's pants.

3. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I could take this in the Boulder/Denver are for repair?

Contact He's in Ft. Collins and is a Linn dealer. Its a bit of a drive but its a good place to go. I bought some stuff from him when I lived in CO for a year or so. Unless something has changed, I never found any dealers in the Denver/Boulder area that were any good. Well worth the trip.
I agree with Zd542. I live in Colo. And am unaware of any other Linn dealers in the state. Rick at audioalternative has been a Linn dealer for as long as I have known him, at least 25 years. And if you are into vinyl, then you must go, just to see what a real vinyl collection looks like. Give him a call.