Linn LK-240 monoblocks vs. Klout

I have 4-way all active DIY speakers. Crossovers are
Bryston. So far I have two AV 5105 amps (for the 2 midrange
drivers) and one LK-100 amp for the tweeters. These are
all in the same Linn "family" of amps.

I need one more amp for the bass section and am torn between
getting a pair of the LK-240 monoblocks, which are also
in the same Linn "family", or getting a Klout, which is
not in the family but has excellent specs and reputation.

Can anyone advise me on these two choices, in the given
application, which will be roughly 100-Hz and below ?

Thank you !
Any Linnies on the bus ?
A little late so you probably already made your move.
Here is what I can tell you about my linn upgrades.
I went from the av5105 active in to tukans to a klout active.
Personally I did not hear a large enough difference to the Klouts.
Maybe using only 1 as a stereo amp might give more authority, but in
active mode I was struggling to hear the big differences. The klouts
are beautifully made and the quality is probably why they are held
in such reverence. The non auto turn on was very inconvient as the switch
for the Klouts are in the rear. In the end I upgraded my speakers to 212's
active with a pair of 4200s. Huge, huge move up.