Linn Linto question

I have a Linn Linto for MC cartridges. Unless I've lost my
ability to read and comprehend, I cannot find the following
bit of info. What input on the main preamp does the Linto
feed into, AUX or MM Phono ? Or, ???
I need to buy a main preamp, and it occured to me that
I'm uncertain which features on it I'll need for MC phono
input. I'm considering a Bryston BP-20P (in fact I placed
a Wanted ad for one), but now I've talked myself into
being unsure.
The Linto is a phono stage so any line level input, Aux, Tuner etc. DO NOT use MM, you could damage your system as it will greatly overload the pre. You will not need a phono stage in whatever pre you get as the Linto will take care of it; it is quite a good phono stage from all reports.
I had one a few years back. This is quite a decent phonostage for the money. It is meant to be used with medium to low output MC cartridges. I used it with a Lyra Helikon and it had just the right amount of gain for that cartridge (I believe the cartridge output was somewhere near .5 mv). The output of the Linto should feed a line level input (e.g., AUX), not into another phono input (a phono input would have too much gain and would have equalization (already done in the Linto).

The Linto does not offer any way to adjust loading. The loading is fixed at something like 125 ohms. This works for most cartridges, so this is not as big a deal as I thought it would be.
I have had my Linto for years and have tried a few others and feel this is the best sound for buck investment. It does offer two gain settings. Here is the manual link
Page 11 has the specs.
OK, thank you gentlemen !
My uncertainty is gone. I think I would still like
a preamp with MM phono input, however, just to keep
my cartridge options open.
Thanks again!