Linn Linto, Lingo, Kairn & AV5103

I have a Lingo, early version in the smaller box, and Kairn with Brilliant Power supply connected to my LP12.

I was wondering how much of an improvement the larger Lingo II is than Lingo I, and if the Linto preamp is markedly better than the MC phono stage on a Kairn/Brilliant or an AV5103?

I am considering some upgrades but all the various Linn offerings can be confusing. I had always heard that the Phono stage on the Kairn with Brilliant was very good. It also appears that Linn is no longer going to offer a phono stage in their new multi-channel systems so I thought perhaps an upgrade to an AV5103 would provide a Phono Stage upgrade comparable to the Linto?

Also...If I upgraded to a Lingo II, would I just connect a new, larger Lingo box to the current connections, or are there other items to change inside the LP12 frame?

Which Linn upgrades would provide the most improvement for MC Phono? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
the Linto is by far the best phono pre linn has to offer. I still have the old lingo as well and am told the upgrade to the new one is quite signifigant, and a different type of improvement than upgrading other items further down along the chain (amps, cables, etc). as far as have 2 can simply "plug and play" and use you current internal workings from old lingo, OR you can remove them and install new ones. whether or not there is an improvement by removing all old parts and installing new is not totally clear. i can say that i know people (very fanatic) and they didnt change the old cables etc. let me know if you find love to swap my old for a new also...maybe we can get a deal!!
What arm and cartridge do you have/
Thanks, I have an Ittok LVII with a K18. I'm thinking of upgrading to a decent MC, Perhaps an AT OC9, AT33PTG or a Shelter 501. (The AT33PTG sounds very good for the price and other Ittok users have had good results...)

The problem I see in upgrading to the Lingo II is what to do with the Lingo I? And I haven't really heard what the major benefit of the Lingo II is.

What is the dB gain on the Kairn MC section? I had always heard that the Kairn had a good phono section, so why the need for the Linto? Or perhaps the Phono section of the newer AV5103 is as good as a Linto? This endless tweaking and upgrading can become confusing and I'd rather avoid lateral moves that add additional boxes that don't deliver improvements. Having said all of that, I still consider the Lingo I, one of the best upgrades I ever did to the LP12...besides buying good recordings.
you make good sense regarding lateral moves...using anything other than linto would be just that. as for what do you do with you old lingo, im thinking you sell the old lingo with the new parts that werent used from the new lingo. the new lingo has the brilliant power supply...much much quieter, less interference, and way more control... ive got ekos 2, akiva, and im told im not hearing all i could until i get new lingo... also good upgrade is linns silver T cable...
Linn are starting to introduce phono sections to their newer multichannel equipment. The Exotik preamp has just had a phono section added. I think there would be a lot of outrage amongst Linn afficionados if they abandoned phono stages just yet.
Dear Nsmith7, just a tidbit ... the AV5103 does not have a phono stage at all, unfortunately.
I had upgraded from a Kolektor to the AV5103 two years ago and am absolutely happy with its sound and musicality.
I am currently using a Creek OBH 15 as the phono stage for an Adikt on my LP12-Ekos-Lingo I. Compared to the Creek, the phono stage in the Kolektor sounded quite coarse.
The next move I am looking towards is getting a Linto and using that with an old Troika I still have until I can decide on a new MC cartridge (and have the piggy bank stuffed enough again :-).
I am thinking towards a Shelter 501 or a Lyra Argo. From what I read, they should be quite different in character, but I have not have had the opportunity to hear either one of them ... I think the Lyra might be along the lines of the Troika and the Arkiv / Akiva, which I have heard and like.


Thanks Class...There I go, assuming that Linn wouldn't offer a high end controller without a Phono Section. I keep heading backwards in time while Linn heads?? It seems I would be no better off with an AV5103, than with my Kairn and a decent AV switchbox, which I already have. I'm more into 2-channel anyway. So that leaves the upgrade options to a Lingo II or a Linto, if it's that much better than the Kairn MC Phono section.

I also notice that the AV5103 lacks a headphone jack. I am unable to drive a pair of STAX Lambda Headphones (300 Ohms) from Kairn Outputs. If the same holds true for the AV5103, I see no need to pursue it.

Stax are designed to connect to the back of a Preamp, but with an adapter, I can drive them easily from the headphone jack of an old Sansui 9090...Linn Products are becoming much less interesting to me as time goes by. I favor the days of the Linn 'Black Boxes'...given the lack of response from Linn to answer my questions or Emails and lack of many local dealers that really know the products well and the unrealistic pricing of the newer products...I guess I'm nearly 'Linned Out'. But that's a different discussion.

I still think the Better LK series amps and Kairn Preamps are good enough for my worn out hearing...Perhaps I'll just focus on improving my analog stage with some updates to the LP-12 and leave well enough alone.

All this upgrading and tweaking reminds me of that Classic old Steve Martin monologue: 'I bought A Stereo'...He ends up with a 'GooglePhonic Stereo with a MoonRock Needle' cost him a few million dollars..."not bad for a car stereo, but wouldn't want it in my house!"