Linn Lingo

Has anyone tried putting beefier power cord on it and found any difference?
I tried JPS Labs Analog and Shunyata Sidewinder and found almost no difference. Slightly softer bass with the JPS, and smaller soundstage with the Shunyata, as I recall. I've also found my Karik CD player to be almost immune to PC's. I think Linn power supplies are so well designed and built that PC's are of limited value. I spent that money elsewhere. I should add, though, that I use a power conditioner (Tice) to great effect. I auditioned the PC's on my Lingo both into the Tice and straight into dedicated lines. I also use a JPS Power AC on my amp, straight into the wall, so I'm not prejudiced against PC's.
Same for me. Haven't found PC's t mka emuch difference on the Linto ot the Lingo. Looks like the Brillian power supply on these units minizes cord impact. I use BMI Eeels on all other components.
switching power supply it will be a lot less subject to power line garbage. Lingos don't have the Brilliant AFAIK, unless the newer versions have been changed to use them. It's no surprise, though, that a Karik or Numerik equipped with a Brilliant should be unaffected by a power cord change.
Tobias - you are of course right. My bad. The Lingo has a toroidal power supply.
Putting any 'audiophile' PC will not automatically mean anything to Lingo. Think about it as a power amp outputing a 50Hz, 120V signal. And think about the design of Lingo which is to use a high-precision crystal to generate (divide down) 50Hz sine wave.

Therefore, the relevant PC upgrade should be a Low Noise type, such as one that has a shielding, but not a Beefy type, because it does not need to react to dynamic condition (as in music).

Also, putting isolation below Lingo has some audible benefit. You can put just one Aurios under it, or BDR cones, or whatever surplus feet.