Linn Komri

Just out of curiosity did anyone reading this go to the CES 2001?If so did you see/hear the prototype Komri?what do you think?Anyone heard any rumblings regarding Linn going beyond 5.1 to EX/es(leaving a clear upgrade path to 7.1 discrete)
Ha I guess that no one IS reading this
The Komri in the stage of development as shown at CES should have been a static display
If you want to see a picture of the Linn Komri you can see it on a swedish Linn-dealer page:

This picture seem to display only a prototype of the speaker. I hope the final version won't look as awful as this one. Due its hefty price-tag I think it will sound marvellous. Linn is not the most famous brand for speakers, we all know that. They are good at manufacturing sources etc. However, recently they released their Linn Katan and Linn Ninka at a very competitive price. This indicates they have shaped up abit.
Let your ears decide. (and your wallet...)
Have a nice day!
The new Linn Komri was played at the Home Entertaiment Expo by a stack of Klimax amps. The list price is expected at 40,000 USD. A reviewer at the show got a chance to hear it and his comments on the speaker can be found at