Linn Kolector or Wokonda preamp?

It has been a while since I had a Linn system. I want to gradualy move back as budget allows me to.

I am looking for a Linn preamp to use with my Pass Labs Aleph 30 amp that I will eventually change out.

Can you recommend which Linn preamp sounds better. Or should I consider a more current Linn preamp. Absolutely nothing too expensive.
i had a kolector for a year and it was great....should have kept it.
Current would be better. However, if you're looking at discontinued models to save a few bucks while you rebuild, look for a Kairn. For not much more than a Kolector or Wakonda, you can get a used Kairn which is much, much better and relatively cheap now that it's discontinued .
I directly compared the Kolektor and Wakonda over 2 weeks a few years ago. The Wakonda is better balanced, the highs are less grainy and smoother sounding. The Kolektor is more forward sounding overall with a little more drive. Overall I would say the Wakonda is the much better preamp, even though the Kolektor is actually more flexible in its functions, inputs and outputs. I did keep the Wakonda around for about 8 months.

Why not try one of the Pass Preamps? From experience with Pass amplifiers (a Pass FirstWatt F1) I would say that they are quite a step up from the Linn.
I was in the market for a new Linn preamp and compared a Kolector to the Wokonda at my local Linn dealer. While my dealer and I both agreed the Wokonda did sound better, it was only marginal and not worth the extra cost (again, on the new market). The Wokonda does give you the ability to add a sneaky tuner or a line receiver, which the Kolector does not. I went with the Kolector only to replace it two years later with a 5103. I dont know the difference in price on the second hand market to make a recommendation, but am sure you'll be happy with either.
I have owned both and had them at the same time, I felt the Wakonda was better and noticeably so, sometimes a quick demo in the store doesn't show everything, I still have the Wakonda, use it with a Linnlk100, for the money a nice sounding duo.
Wakonda by a mile!
Thanks everyone!

I suspected that. I think I would like the Wokanda with the tuner. But I will keep my eye out for a Karin if one shows up at a reasonable price.

I'm anxious to here how it sounds with my Pass Labs Aleph 30 (class A, 30w/ch) until I get another Klout. The Klout is my favorite power amp to date, but I hear the new amps are better.

I used the Klout with the preamp section of my Majik int. amp for a while until I moved away from Linn. I believe the preamp section is similar to the Wokanda pre. I used it with a Karik III. Should have never got out of Linn. Beautiful to look at and listen to.

Again thanks. Feel free to journey on in this forum about Linn gear.

Anyone have experience with the 5103 pre?
Mike, I'm joining this late but here is my take. Get a Kairn if you can find one with a slimline power supply for around $800 or so. This is way, way better than the Wakonda, and all the more so if you are going to use the phono stage. (Kairn Pro's do not have a phonostage. Standard Kairns usually come with both mc and mm options for phono, but make sure yours has what you need before you buy.) In buying Kairns you do need to be aware that there were three different power supplies used during its product run - the slimline is the most recent and best sounding. Do a web search on "Linn product history" and you should find a link that tells you for which serial numbers you should look.

As to the AV 5103, it is better than the Kairn and a great value. But be warned, these are not user friendly and if you are not technically minded are a bear to set up. (I had mine programmed by my Linn dealer for $30) The complexity comes from the fact that they are really surround processors that have great audio. They originally retailed for around 8K (as recently as 5-6 years ago) but can now be had for around $1300 or so. If you get one of these, buy one with the blue LCD display, as they are newer.

Of the newer Linn preamps, I’m not a big fan of the Exotic – more detailed than the 5103 for sure, but very lean. That would be the next price step up on the Linn market, as I a have seen them for go for $1600 used (new $3200). But the AVI preamp at the same price point (new) is a LOT better.
Thanx Newmanoc for the valuable insite as you progress up the Linn food chain.
I have heard good things of the 5103 and 2250. I heard the 2250 is better than the Klout)
This would be the one to get if I can afford it.
Well if you can stretch up to around 2k and find one on the used market, get a Chakra 2200 (not a 2100, mind you). This is an exceptional amp - MUCH better than the 2250. A 2250 is very good, but it can sound pretty lean, especially with the wrong equipment pairing. The Kout is less detailed than the 2250, but warmer and fuller in sound. I prefer the 2250 by a wide margain. However, I have a friend (who knows much more about audio, for what that is worth) who prefers the Klout. But even with his fondness for the Klout he has no question about the superiority of a Chakra 2200.
Would love to get the newer Linn...will have to see how funds go. I will get the best I can afford.

Thanx for the info everyone.

Incidentally, is the 5103 preamp still worth considering or is it out classed by a Chakra amp?