I bought a complete audio system which included a pair of Linn Klout Amp's at an estate sale.
One of them has a small placard next to the speaker connections stating "AKTIV BASS AMPLIFIER". Any idea what this is or means?
Going to sell the system, wifes idea, & figured I needed to learn as much as possible about it.
At one time, Linn was really into active speaker systems (that is, crossover after a preamp, and individual power amps connected directly to the speaker drivers). They always used the word "Aktiv" (Linn has a creative way of spelling product names.) At one time, the crossover was a seperate box (named something like "Kaber Aktiv" for the Kaber speakers, etc). Later, I think they allowed the crossover boards to be installed inside an amp. In any case, I'm guessing that the Klouts you have were part of an active system, and they drove the bass drivers of the speakers. If they crossover boards installed inside of them, they'd have to be modified to be used with normal speakers. But a complete active system might be worth selling alone, for all I know.

Were there speakers included in package buy?

As for the Klout alone, it was once the top of the line back in the early nineties. I can't remember how much it cost, but it wasn't cheap. They were also unusual in that they did not have a power switch on front. There was something on the back, as I recall, but they were intended to be used with a Kairn preamp, which could send a "trigger" signal of some sort to turn the Klout on and off.
Sounds like the amp has an aktiv card installed. Aktiv cards are active crossovers - which are designed for specific linn speakers.

Klout is a great amp.
Yeah, there's speakers, B&W Nautilus 802's. Amazing speakers.
You're correct,it also came with the Kairn Pre-Amp, but to power the system it came with a "Platinum Power 1 Line Processor" really a nice piece if you've never seen one. I just turn it on & everything fires up.
Gonna try and sell it as a complete package first. It has the LP12 turntable, Ekos tonearm, Arkiv cartridge, Lingo pwr supply with the Linto phono stage pre-amp, wish I had more albums. Ikemi CD player & a Nakamichi DR-1 cassette. Also has Audioquest interconnects & the thickest speaker wire I've ever seen.
Linn is still very much into Activ speaker configurations. The cards are easily removed to convert the amp back to full-range operation.

Please be advised that depending on your Klout serial number after the Aktive Card is removed you will have to install a jumper or solder back two terminals.
The problem is that the Aktive cards are used in systems where the speakers used have no internal crossovers. The Aktive cards are electronic crossovers. Linn, Naim and Krell are among some of the companies that have used them. I suggest that you take that Klout to your local Linn dealer and have them remove the cards and install the jumpers or solder the contacts back.
This brings up another question. The h/u on the 802 Nautilus speakers have 4 terminals. The amp with the AKTIVE label were run to the lower terminals on the speakers. Why do these speakers have 4 terminals?
It's probably not just a case of the Aktiv board working with non-Linn speakers. It probably will only work with one specific Linn speaker system. I don't know about recent years, but at one time Linn Aktiv crossovers were designed for one specific Linn speaker model. Thus, if you had, say, a pair of Linn Kaber speakers that were "Aktiv" and you upgraded to the Linn Isobarik speakers and you wanted to make them "Aktiv" as well, you had the supreme joy of replacing your Linn Kaber Aktiv crossover (costing, say, a mere $2000) with a new Linn Isobarik Aktiv crossover. (The boards installed inside of the amps would probably have run less, since you didn't have to buy the Aktiv case or the power supply. On the other hand, I wonder if the older stand alone crossover, despite the higher cost, wouldn't have been better sounding since it had its own power supply.)

Supposedly, the idea was that by making a specific crossover, Linn could tailor it for a particular speaker system, and thus maximize the performance in a way that one couldn't if making a generic active crossover.

Of course, there is one other question that comes up--given that the included speakers are B&W. Assuming that the speakers were used with the Klout, then I'd guess that the amp was probably already modified back to non-Aktiv status, but the label was left in place. I'd seriously doubt that Linn would have ever made Aktiv crossovers for anyone else. (Keep in mind that when the Klout was released, they had a complete line of speakers.) Thus, to check to see if the Aktiv board is in place would require actually openning up the amp and checking to see what's in there.