linn klimax vs the big boys krell, levinson, etc

has anybody compared the klimax to these amps? It seems amazing that something so small amp can put out such good sound but is it really on the same level as the big boys?
They are definitely in the same league. Have you heard them?
I have heard the Klimax monos head-to-head with the Krell FPB-350MCs and have to say I was quite impressed. Driving large speakers (Dynaudio Temptation) at a high volume they kept up very well though the Krells had more definition in the bass and more of a sense of space around the instruments. The 350mcs did sound better to my ears (and were less expensive) but the Klimax amps were astonishing and looked very cool with their sleek, LP sized case. Who could have thought that that kind of power could come from something so compact? Not to mention is that they run very cool comparatively and would be perfect for places where space and aesthetics are an issue.
I've heard them. They sounded good. If they cost 25% of what they retail for, I'd still buy Pass or Rowland. To me, they look like aluminum pizza boxes.
Have you seen/heard the Spectron amp? I borrowed a friends & it was excellent on Wilson Watt/Puppy 5.1s! It costs around $3K. Looks like a real amp, too. John Dunlavy thinks highly of the Spectron, he knows good sound!

I've heard them A/B'd against the Levinson 33 monoblocks (the BIG boys) driving Revel Salons (Linn transport, Levinson DAC and 32 pre-amp). The Linn Klimax 500 won hands down in all categories except that the Levinson put out notes that were the tiniest bit more weighty.

That said, I am not sure how they would sound on other speakers at all - perhaps their awesome speed and slight lack of musical solidity would make them sound a little edgy and bright?
The Spectron amps are okay. I've heard one in an a/b comparison against a Krell KAV250a driving B&W N801 speakers and it was not bad. A little mushy and veiled compared to the Krell which can be grainy and bright in it's own right. I imagine the tonal balance would work quite well with watt/puppy 5.1. The old KAV series Krell on 5.1s would be quite harsh to say the least. Just my 2 cents.
I heard some Wilson Watt/Puppy speakers with a Levinson amp and then two weeks later I heard the same system with a Pass amplifier and have to say was not impressed with the Levinson after hearing the Pass amp . Pass RULES !