Linn Klimax vs. Jeff Rowland Model 12?

Have anyone compared the Linn Klimax against the Jeff Rowland Model 12? What are the cons and pros of these 2 amplifiers? Thanks!
You might want to go to the Audio Review site ( Someone did a comparison there.
Both these amps have switching power supplies. Both put noise back into your AC lines. Are you sure you want to pay the extra money it will cost to fully isolate these?
I'm not making this up, my friend tried the Model 12s & could not use his tuner in the system without a PS Audio powerplant isolating it..
Not to go entirely off topic, but considering both options, I would have to vote for Boulder!

Better listening...

I dont believe in amplifiers with switching power supplies!For me this is like cheap alternatives.Go to the classic design class A amps with truly heavy power supplies.

Good luck!
Y'all had better get used to switchers. They're the wave of the future. International regulations and cost concerns will make switchers increasingly popular. This reminds me of the when front wheel drive cars came out and all the rear wheel drive lovers were crying the blues. Granted, it is harder to make a switcher perform as well as a linear power supply but it is not impossible. It just requires better engineering.

By the way, I love my Rowland Model 10;)

Your analogy is right on! Implementation of a new technology is (in my opinion) just as important as the advance to the technology. My Pass dealer drives an Acura Legend. I had to ask (at about 80MPH) if it is front wheel drive - it's engineered that well. My Dodge Spirit is a classic mainstream American car - front wheel drive & I know it every time I accelerate. Hopefully my conventional amps will last until after my Dodge is recycled to become toaster parts!


I love my Rowland Model 2 with Battery Power Supply.
Danielk141, for what it's worth, I drive an Acura 3.2TL :)