Linn klimax gear with Sonus Faber Cremona

specifically interested in anyone with experience using linn gear with cremona speakers. ive got klimax kontrol, klimax chakra twin, lp12 max'd out..cufrrent speakers are akurate 212s with 221 looking for more, bigger fuller, but not told cremonas are quite musical/smooth and do pair well with Linn gear. im trying to audition myself, at least my pre and power combo...they are rated to do the perform on the low end... thanks everyone
Well i have them with the solos and the bass preformans is out of this world.

Cremonas have a big full bottom end the klimax amps are very very dynamic with very deep powerfull bass YET have one of the most transperant bass/midbass preformans you can fin on the market, together you really need to hear it.
The Klimax works very well with the Cremona as many already stated on Audiogon.
I'm anyway a little puzzled because you have the excellent Akurate sub and still miss some fullness. Some system set up problem?
Personally I would go for a more neutral sounding speaker. Linn has warm/romantic sound and SF is also not the most neutral speaker manufacturer out there. I really do like SF but a combo with Linn might be a bit to much colouration. I think Dynaudio or Thiel would be a better match to my ears. or maybe even Totem.

But this is just my opinion.

I have to strongly disagree with you that linn amps sound warm and romantic , and i think that 100% of the prople that are familiare with the linn amp line up will agree.
The are naked transperant and on the bright side of things.

Maybe you are talking about the older linn amp designs ? All the new ones with swichmode powersupplyes are absolutly NOT warm sounding .

About 8 years ago I was in the market for an amp. Back then I reviewed Linn, Creek, Rega, Naim, Rotel and Arcam. Linn, Creek and Rega all sounded veiled to me. I have to say in the case of Linn it could also be the speakers. All the amps I heard with SF speakers except for the Linn that was on Linn speakers.

The Rotel was the best back then for me.
Actually I wasjust playing around with sub settings (one of the reasns I love and hate subs...) And changed the crossver from 85hz to 130hz. Wow! I now have some of that mid-bass slamm I've been wanting..playedloud u cann feel it in your chest. Since this most, linn ahs confirmd the update to the 242 is quite signifigant, and probably plan to go for apr of these. Many speak highyl of the olderversions, and the newer ones are to be a large step in performace ahead. And they go to 49hz vs 70hz on the 212. So I'd probably keep the 221 anyhow. And yes, the akurate sub is a great sub. Many speak negatively about it stating they can't even tell if its on. A good sub shouldn't draw attention to itself, just when you turn it off. And when itson it not only improves low end, but everything. This is the fastest sub I've known, and is capable of good pressurization as well
I certainly would not characterize Linn as warm or romantic - quite the opposite in fact.
Hi Jaff2290.

I'm happy that you're find the way to be satisfied with your excellent system.

Good listening