Linn Klimax DSM

Does anyone have favorable opinions of the Linn players? I’d like to hear them

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This above is inaccurate. 
But let’s back up a minute...

The Linn system is just that: an ecosystem. You can mix and match Linn sources with Linn speakers or any other kit. But Linn plays best with Linn mostly. 
Linn comes in three basic flavors:  Majik, Akurate and Klimax. The Majik is entry level and Klimax is top of the line. The new Selekt is the new oddball with better internal flexibility but generally the sound quality is just below Akurate level.

The players come in different configurations. Some offer a one box solution for streaming, DAC and amplification. You can turn off some of these functions if you are integrating it with other kit.

The DAC technology comes in different flavors as well with the new Katalyst being the best.

If that is not all confusing enough there is the Exakt technology which is really fabulous. This allows you to go active with specific speakers. Some Linn speakers have Exakt built in with onboard amps. Then there are Exakt system hubs and Exaktboxes. You connect the two boxes with an Ethernet cable. This is what I have upgraded to: an Akurate System hub that connects to a four way Exaktbox with eight separate Katalyst DACs and eight amps. This feeds my Linn floor standers. The sound is sublime. 

If you play records then the mighty Linn LP12 will fit into all this superbly. 
There are a lot of ways of getting good sound. The Linn way is just one of them. I have a second system with Pass Labs and Bryston that I am struggling with. 
But this is the wrong place to learn more about Linn. You should join the Linn club over at Hifi Wigwam...