Linn Kilmax DS as a Pre-amp

Hi. I have an Airtight ATM tube amp arriving in a few weeks (paid $4800 USD with a extra set of $2k tubes) and am wondering re sources. I currently have 2 options in mind being either a Linn Klimax DS/0 Renew (which I can get in NZ for arounf $4300 USD) and/or a Raysonic CD 228 that is about 6 months old for $1700 USD. I have three sets of speakers that I will 'play with' re match being Harbeth HL5+, B&W PM1s and Monitor Audio PL300s.

I play mostly from Spotify and some iTunes though I do have a lot of CDs that I love and have not played in years.

What are your recommendations re the 'fit' of the two sources that I am considering? Also what are the downsides of the DS/0 Renew (which is an old model now though 'renewed' and under warranty) and the Raysonic CD228? What else should I be considering re system 'fit'?

My other system is mainly for TV and is a Perreaux E250i with a top of the line Oppo.

Thanks in advance. Cheers, Stu from NZ
I would avoid Raysonic, as they went bankrupt 3 years ago or so and the owner left all of his Chinese employees high and dry. Their CD players, I believe, were also unreliable. I would also avoid any component that has been renewed or refurbished, especially ones with chips that may have been affected by power supply issues, normally the cause of impossible to diagnose issues that will resurface. I would suggest something from Marantz, maybe their NA8005 or SA8005. Great sound, great reviews, solid customer service, and they're affordable. No need to spend high dollars on a Linn.
The Linn Klimax DS is a superbly rated piece of gear. I've only heard it in store demos, but people universally rave about it. However, it is not a complete source. you need to hook it up to a NAS or other network server and then control it ideally through an iPad app. Make sure you understand what you are getting into. Go on the Linn forums and read about the DS hookups if you don't know already. Also, find out how it works and how well it works with Spotify. If the DS works for you and you can afford it, I would give that strong consideration. I have no problem with the Linn Renew program. I suspect some people aren't familiar with it - it's not just refurbished gear.

I agree with Bojack about the Raysonic. If you decide to get a simple CD player, there are better options. You are comparing apples and oranges here.
Remember too that Spotify is a very poor sound quality source, though it's lots of fun to use...
Right, Spotify is a poor source compared to uncompressed. It may not be necessary to spend big money on a streamer that is being fed a low-money source.
Thanks for the feedback. What source would people recommend for the Klimax? I have a lot of CDs and also albums on iTunes. Should I use a NAS and if so any recommendations? Also how can one get the best quality out of iTunes (to the Klimax) as most of my albums are 'in there'?

I think (based on the above) that I will not buy the CD228.
I'm going to strongly encourage you again to go to the Linn forums. There is an entire sub-forum on the DS streamers. They will tell you everything you could possibly want to know - and much more than just about anyone on this forum.