Linn Keltik Tweeters

I've been reading positive reports on this forum from Kaber owners who've swapped their ceramic tweeters for the new soft dome type. Anyone out there done the same with their Keltiks? If so, I'd love to know the results!
Martyn, I own a pair of Keltiks, driven by four Klouts. The preamp is a kairn-Pro, CD is an Ikemi and a Kudos tunner. I did change the ceramic tweeters (SPKR 015/5) for the softdome type used in the Espeks. Didn't like the change, the new tweeter might be a bit more delicate but is lower in it's output. I had to set the treble adjustment to the max and it didn't match the rest of the drivers. My feeling is that the new tweeter is designed to work with the Espek's new midrange, which is also the Katan's mid/bass driver, and the Ninka's mid/bass units.
I did bought two new ceramic tweeters and return the speakers to their original state, love the way the blend with the mid and bass drivers of the Keltiks. As you know the Keltiks have generous bass output, with the soft dome tweeter the bass sounded out of tune, too much of it and no treble. I belive you would like to improve on the
Keltiks treble performance, I would also like to improve it
(it's a bit grainy), I'm triying to look for an upgrade from Scan-Speak. My guest is that I will need to use the mounting plate of the ceramic tweeter and bolt the new one in. I wish I could get a Seas or Dynaudio to fit, no Linn
tweeter can match them. Feel free to contact me to chat about this. Hope this helps. Hector Pedrosa
Many Thanks Hector - you've just saved me a few quid! We hi-fi junkies are always trying to get closer to the original sound, and when set up correctly, the Keltiks really deliver. I too have an Ikemi/4 Klout setup. Grainy? I used to have a Kairn until my dealer said that I should listen to Linns new AV5103 system controller (very affordable on Ebay nowadays!)- I did - it was a substantial improvement over the Kairn (A home Theatre pre-amp outperforming a dedicated hi-fi preamp - has the world gone mad?!). Bottom line? - the Keltiks are a VERY revealing speaker - the cleaner the input, the better the sound. N.B. I believe the "Klimax Kontrol" preamp is stunning!! - not seen any of these on Ebay just yet!!!
Martyn; I also a pair of keltiks,also 4 klouts,Ikemi,5103,I can only speak for my own personal experince,I up graded the tweeters and the mid-range,and I was very satisfied.In my room aucoutics,the tweeters seemed to be more open,more detailed,highs were just cleaner,and the mid-range,was a vast improvement.This is only my own experince,Hector seems to hear something different,but in my case it seems to have made a improvement. good luck in what ever you choose.
Thanks for your input Douglas. I also had the latest Keltik midrange units fitted, but that was a little over a year ago now. I wouldn't call the improvement "night & day" but nonetheless they did sound better. Have any more recent Keltik midrange units become available since then I wonder? Going back some years, I used to have a pair of active Isobariks, and I can still remember how incredible the improvement to the overall sound was when I replaced the treble LK280 with a Klout. The tweeters importance cannot be over estimated, and it is for this reason that I'm eager to hear from anyone who has experimented with the new soft dome in their Keltiks!
Martyn; Have you made any moves on replacing your tweeters yet,I was just going back on the linn forum and remembered that this question was posted before and it gives you a few more view points.Let me know, also I am curious to what interconects you are using and speaker cables. thanks Douglas.
Douglas; Sorry for the late response, but I've been away from the forum for a while. I've been looking back over the forum and can't find any threads concerning Keltiks at all - maybe you could give me some clues as to where to look? As for the interconnects I'm using - it's an all Linn system - so I'm sticking to Linn interconnects - standard analogue, and K400 for the speaker cable. I did try experimenting with other (dearer) interconnects a long time ago and wasn't impressed.
martyn.when you told me you intergraded your system for hometheater I was curious to what amps and what speakers you were using.I been using two lk/100 for surround pair of tukans for rears,5120 for center,5103 for center amp.All aktiv,and two bp-400 mirages for subs.Just was wondering what you were using. Douglas.
Where can i find the Linn forum ?