Linn Katan to Compliment Linn Ninka's

I have a pair of Linn Ninka's and am looking for a pair of rear monitors and was wondering if the Linn Katan's are too much speaker for surround or SACD? I am running a Rotel RB 985, Denon 2900 Universal player and a Meridian 561 pocessor. The Katan match the Ninka in apperance but will they compliment them in sound performance? I would like your opinion please.
I'm wondering the exact opposite. I have Katans with all Linn sources and a Cary tube amp and tube preamp. They sound great in a 14 x 12 x 8' room and I was going to get the Ninkas as an upgrade. It's hard to find a place to hear an a-b comparision. Good luck.
The Ninka's sound fantastic and I highly recommend them. If you do upgrade let me know as I may intrested in your Katan's
I think the Katans are best suited as fars as voice matching goes to the Espeks.
What products were designed to go with the Ninka's then? It has been difficult to research online and the Linn website is no help.
try,the linn forum,you might get the answers you are looking for,good luck.douglas