Linn Karik and Numerik

I have a Linn Karik with internal DAC, which sounds ok. Will adding the Numerik DAC enhance the sound noticably? I appreciate opinions of Audiogoners.
I can't really answer your question, but I can add that if you don't mind Not having a matching DAC, then there are more modern DAC's out there that are a lot better than the Numerik.
The Numerik is definitely an upgrade from the DAC in the Karik. You will get deeper bass and and a more dimesnional soundstage. The advantage of the Numerik over a more modern DAC is you have the separate clock link for lower jitter and you can probably buy the Numerik for a reasonable price. All the blabber about "modern" being better is just that. Remember AMR, Zanden and others are using "old" chipsets that they find superior. I am not saying that the Numeric is currently state of the art. I have heard other DACs that I prefer but for what you will pay, I think you would be happy with the result.
I had a Karin and Numerik.
This was my digital front end for almost 3 years until I was able to buy the ML 31.5 and the ML 30.6.
The sound of the LINN combination was very top notch in its day and I have to agree with Rhljazz with respect to the cost vs sound performance.
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