Linn Kan III v Spendor S3/5 crisis

Someone please tell me whats wrong here!

I have a stupid Sony in the playroom, as a tuner & TV amp. Stupid Sony, stupid wires. Noted.

And I had a pair of Linn Kan III's connected and it sounded .. good.

Picked up a pair of Spendor S3/5's (not the SE) and thinking .. newer/better/8ohm not 4 (amp happier)

The Kans BLOW the Spendors away.

Best way to say it is: a piano on the Kans sounds like a piano.. on the Spendors.. a piano in the next room.

Is it me??? The Kans cant be that much better, can they? Seriously, I'm _really_ confused!

Newer and twice the money got me NOTHING. What am I missing? Help!
Not enough juice with your amp. Same comments always with the 3/5s and less expensive electronics. Need a serious, high current amp to make they sound good, otherwise sound dull and lifeless. At least 70-80 watts with a good, high current SS amp, or 50 or so with a tube amp. But, when adequately powered, as good as any box speaker out there from 70 hz up. Have owned Tukans in the past, so I understand how with the Sony you would prefer them.

"dull and lifeless" was an appropriate phrase.

Thanks - your advice makes perfect sense.

I certainly did not really believe the Spendors were not good speakers (well, maybe I did panic a little). I certainly wanted them to be!

For the record, the little Sony is an STR-AV320 which "says" 100W and means 50wpc. We know a Bryston/Krell/Linn 100W is very different from a Sony "100W"

But/And fortunately, happen to have more than one, more than adequate amp to try this with. I'll try to report back, to give the Spendors their due.

I guess this means maybe I should get a Real amp for the playroom, too., huh?

In the meantime, can someone recommend a speaker that might work? I think the 4 ohm Kans do stress the little bugger a bit.
OK.. Here's the result ! Great Success!

Bi-Wired & Biamped the Spendors off my pair of Linn LK240s

They sound excellent! Both Natalie Merchant & Pablo Casals sound full rich open and deep.

thanks all

I am surprised though how much I have to crank up the preamp. Spendor specs say 91Db sensitivity. But I'm twice cranked higher than the Rega floormounts.
I have a pair of S 3/5s, they are rated 84 db/w/m. With a Jolida JD-202(40 w/ch) they sound great in a small room, but to rock a large area they would need more power.
last update.. I was reading the wrong specs in the Spendor manual ! 84Db sensitivity is the correct figure for the S3/5. And searching thru the Audiogon forums, I see this issue has come up more than once.

Yes- even though not an expenive high end speaker per se, the Kan3(b) blow alot of other stuff away in playing music. Just the way it is. Tukans tend to "shout" a bit OTOH and can become a test of endurance.

Making a serious attempt to upgrade a pair of them finally. Will put the drivers into a much better cabinet, make a custom external crossover using some of the best sounding compnenents availabe and of course convert them to bi-wireable.

Could be quite an improvement. But we'll just have to see how they do :)