Linn Kairn vs. Kairn Pro

What is the difference between those pre-ams? I assume that it is something around a phono…. What is phono and why one needs it?
The only difference is phono, which is what you hook your turntable to if you listen to vinyl. If you don't have or don't plan on purchasing a turntable, you don't need to spend the extra money.
Thank you very much ... that explains
if ya get a kairn, get one w/the latest *slimline* wersion of the brilliant p/s - defineitely better-sounding; i had both versions before going to toobs... the linn will compete w/the wery best out there, except when it comes to soundstage depth - which is why i went tubular! ;~)

good luck, doug s.

When did the slimline version started on the market?
linn can tell ya; i tink i have the serial #'s saved on my work compootah, but it will have to wait until tomorrow...

if ya *do* listen to phono, the kairn's fono-stage *is* wery nice - the non slimline unit w/built-in fono was superior to the musical-surroundings phonomena plugged into the linestage wersion w/the slimline p/s...

ok, here's info re: kairn updates:

Kairn introduced - mar 91

Back panel changed - clearance around ph1 & ph2 inputs increased to prevent earth-loop - may 91, serial #1100

Software change - additional user functions 7 - 9 added - mar 92, serial #2384

control board upgraded. Allows kairn to be used in knekt system w/o any hardware mods - apr 92, serial #2490 (approx)

kairn-pro introduced - aug 92, serial #'s n/a

brilliant switch-mode p/s fitted as standard. part #'s changed to kairn/sps & kairn-pro/sps - dec 93, kairn serial# 5000, kairn-pro serial# 5000

brilliant smps enhancement fitted as standard
(sound improvement) - oct 94, kairn serial# 5545; kairn-pro serial# 5309

software changed - add'l user functions 10 - 12 added. Also, this version of software allowed kairn/kairn-pro to be used in knekt system - nov 94, kairn serial# 5653, kairn-pro serial# 5309

slimline brilliant p/s fitted as standard p/s upgrade - oct 95, kairn serial# 7000, kairn-pro serial# 6000

hope this helps, doug s.