linn kairn/kolector or tube preamp

so i need a new preamp...i'm planning on running a all linn rig/active..
currently i have a linn pretek and need to upgrade,ive seen the KAIRN pro for roughly the same price as the Kolector(USED on the GON)..
which of these 2 linn preamps would be the one to get?
also i have been recomended tube preamps but alas they were very expensive sugestions..
can any one sugest a tube preamp in the same price range as a used linn preamp($700ish) that dels with P.R.A.T and fits into a linn rig real well?
I've owned a Karin for more than 10years and can say you won't go wrong getting one. It's very flexible and offers a non-descript sound (a good thing!). Extremely low maintenance and very reliable. A true Linn product.

I recently upgraded to a much larger system and needed to trade the Karin to make the deal. If you're interested, I can direct you to the dealer. He has my tri-amped aktiv Linn kaber system with three- LK100's and the Karin.

I have heard both the Wakonda and Kolektor at home for a few weeks and prefered the Wakonda by a wide margin. The Kolektor was not really any inprovement over the pre section in the Linn Classik that I had at the same time. The Wakonda on the other hand was much smoother, with less grain in the highs, and much more detail, wider soundstage, in summary: an improvement over the Kolektor across the board.

The Wakonda and Kolektor I listened to where each the newest version. In particular if you consider the wakonda, be careful since there are many different versions out there. Same should be tru for the Kairn. Both have been in production with multiple changes for the last ten years +.

I can't help you on the comparison of Wakonda to Kairn, but the Wakonda can be found fairly new in the same range (disclaimer: I just sold my Wakonda a few weeks ago).

On the other hand, as somebody who has tried out tubes recently I have to say I would probably not go back to Linn. I really like the Jolida integrated I downgraded to now (except for the lack of features). There a lot of good recommendations out there for cheap tube stages that migh help to add a little warmth/naturalness to the Linn sound.

Good luck!

I bought an old Audible Illusions preamp which probably needs to be recapped and it simply dusts my Wakonda in my Aktiv Linn system. Every aspect is much better. I have also used a Supratek Syrah to great success but alas it belongs to a friend. I have great respect for the features on my Wakonda and it does sound very good but I'll most likely be putting it up for sale here in the near future and sticking with tubes.
I wresteled with this recently: sticking with Linn or experimenting with other sounds. I decided to experiment, for I already knew what I had.

I decided upon a simple 6SN7 tubed preamp (Cary design) which is most enjoyable. It also gives me a chance to fine tune the sound thru tube rolling. But there is no doubt, no matter what tube you select, tubed equipment editorializes the sound. This may be contrasted against the Linn house sound, which I consider remarkably neutral and accurate, particularly as you ascend their product lineup.

I have no regrets about this current turn, but I also think Linn gets it right and keeps it simple with 'control' and 'playback' elements of their product line (I've had issues with the Ikemi's poor chassis design). So make a high level choice: do you want to try something new and explore different ways of presenting music, or stick with what you know and be happy?

mprime.......good responce...
yes neutral is what i want......i acctually havnt had a lot of experience with different preamps but i am after a sound that issolates the instruments....i'm tired of cluttered drums,especially when loud guitars come in the drums get buried....maybe a wakonda or kairn will do this?
i jus wanted to pick the brains of you folks who may of already been through an amount of changes and can afford to.......i like to make a good desision early on as i dont have tons of money to keep bouncing equipment around...
thankyou all for replying to my post and have a good xmas..