Linn Kaber speakers

Hi all,

I just finished a deal on here for a pair of linn kabers. My problem is I cant find squat on any web site on them. No reviews spec's nothing. Can anyone on here help a audiogon newb out? website links or even info on here would be awsome thanks,
Cut and paste the link in your browser for a short review.
I also have owned Kabers but found the mids dry now I am using Royd Albions.
the kabers are best when bi or tri amped with linn 140 or 85 amps and cards or use a linn amp such a the klout...
Try this link...should help you out. I owned a pair of Kabers for 10yrs. They're a great speaker. True to the music. Very articulate...not a lot of character added to the music. You'll be amazed at how good they sound tri-amped. As a matter of fact my dealer still has my active pair including the Activ(stand alone)crossover if your looking.

Happy listening
i had the opportunity to pick up a used set in walnut finish about 4 yrs ago for 1000/ i am running them active with 3 lk100's soon to be klouts. very detailed, fast, dynamic..ive only heard them activ, many people state they suffer a bit in bass reproduction, however i have yet to have a problem good luck