Linn Ittok vs SME 345 / 309 / V

I have a Linn Ittok tonearm with Shinon Red cartridge which is installed on an Empire 208/298/398 and the sound quality is fantastic. I also have an Oracle Delphi III with SME 345 tonearm and it also sounds fantastic. 

I really only want to keep one of these tables and I much prefer using the Empire table but love the look and feel of the SME 345 tonearm. 

My preference is to swap out the Linn Ittok and fit the SME tonearm to the Empire and my question is whether the SME is better than the LInn. I don't know because they have been fitted on different tables with different cartridges. 

Any my advice is welcome. Especially anyone who has owned both. 
The Oracle 345 is an SME 309 with upgraded bearings ( from the SME IV ) and silver wire. It is a better arm than the Ittok but sound wise they are quite different - the Ittok has a neutral and emphatic sound whereas the Oracle is richer and fuller sounding. Cartridge matching to the arm plays a big role. Your Oracle Delphi will be worth more to sell with the Oracle arm than with the Ittok fitted. Another significant advantage of the SME is that at any time you can send back an SME arm to the factory and they will refurbish it for you. My advice would be to try the SME on the Empire if possible before you decide. If it sounds good it is the better arm to keep in my view.
Good luck.
That's a great response Dover. I do feel that the Ittok and Shinon combo provides a very rock solid and deep bass that I have never experienced with other combos. I now feel that if put the Oracle on I may lose that slam factor and instead get a more refined sound that I may not prefer. 

How is the soundstage and imaging between each of them.