Linn Ittok vs. AQ PT-9 on souped up VPI HW19

Looking for input here. I've got a VPI HW19 Mk IV w/ Aries platter and bearing, super armboard and older very heavy stainless steel SAMA. Would it be worth replacing my PT9 with an Ittok? I'm looking to tighten up the bass. I've replaced the springs with sorbothane and gone back to the springs, finding the sobothane clouded everything. I'm currently using an AT OC9 which is fairly new and would like to keep using. My phono pre is a Dynavector P75 into an Audio Research SP16 into a Bryston 3BSST w/ Dali MS4's. Thoughts?
The Ittok is a fine arm – much better than the PT9. And it works well on the HW19.

Which Aries platter have you put on the HW? The std MKIV platter is a good one, better than the frosted all acrylic Aries II & III platters.

It's the 24 lb. stainless and black acrylic platter. I'm quite happy with the speed stability. Think the Ittok/OC9 combo will work? Thanks.