Linn Ittok or Grace 707?


I am looking to upgrade from the Linn Basik LVX on an older model Sota Sapphire with suspended platter. Should I consider the Grace 707 (MKII) as a significant improvement or wait a while and get something like the Linn Ittok (LVII)? I'd likely get a new cartridge that matches whatever arm I chose.....but have a functional Monster Alpha on now.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Linn no longer supports the Ittok, so if you go that route and need service, you'll be out of luck
Absolutely, the Linn with the proviso that you will be using a medium to low compliance cartrdge. Audio Origami in Britain supports the Linn arms, and Jim Howard does so in the States, so that should not be too much of an issue.

Other nice candidates would be the SME309 and Jelco arms or even a Rega variant.

Many, many, years ago I went the reverse route and changed from a 707 to a Basik on an LP12 and found it to be an improvement.
Thanks guys. I'd rather not make any changes that aren't significant improvements. Doesn't sound like the 707 is a major step up.
The 707 is still a good arm but is handicapped by its non standard arm cable. I would get something like the Jelco arm cable for it if I was going to use it. I still have one sitting around and would choose it over the cheaper Linn. The Ittok, which I use to have, is actually not that massive and should be usable with most cartridges currently available.
I've been using a Grace 707 or 727 on my Thorens 160 series turntables for over 20 years. I recently mounted a Linn Basik and auditioned: Basik is more polite sounding, perhaps a bit too lifeless with a Grado Gold cartridge. To be fair, I listened to about 20 LPs before I switched back to my Grace arm.

Even with original wiring, a stock Grace is better all the way around IMO-- highs, mids and lows, detail, etc. The 707 series has cheap plastic non-removable headshell and some criticize the string and lever antiskate, but still my favorite with a Thorens.
I totally agree. I have my Grado 8MZ on a Grace 747/Thorens 160 Super. It has never sounded better on any other arm.