LINN Ittok needs rewire Suggestions?

I'm not sure what caused it but I tracked down a sudden loss of right channel signal to the tonearm wire.  It is the right ground and not the right hot that seems to be the problem.  This was checked for continuity using a volt ohm meter.  The Ittok LV II is in good shape so if it's possible to rewire it then it seems that would be the cheaper option.  This arm has 4 pins at the head shell and DIN connector pins at the other end of the arm.  Can anyone suggest a Linn repair shop in the upper midwest?  I'm not certain I want to open up the arm unless it is fairly easy to do but I have done cartridge mounting and tone arm set up many times.  Thanks for suggestions!
Arms don't cost much to ship to the UK, so I would set your Ittok to a tonearm specialist known for his excellent work, Johnnie at Audio Origami. He uses you choice of internal wire, including Cardas copper and a couple of different silvers.
Just be careful with declared value and insurance. UK Customs are tough and charge a processing fee and VAT. 
Rick Duplisea
Audio Alternative
Fort Collins, Colorado

Quite a few members have had Linn repairs done by Rick.
He rebuilt my Linn Axis and has a huge inventory of parts.

This is quite the opportunity you have here. Done right this could be a major upgrade. Done right meaning first and foremost eliminate the DIN connector! Have them make you the best wire you can afford in the length you need terminated with RCA. Sell whatever interconnect you're currently using to help defray the cost. Simply eliminating the DIN will be a significant improvement all by itself, and with better wire on top of that you will be in heaven!
I have always recommended Brit Audio. Michael does excellent work.  He's here in the states too.

Not sure if Rick, (Audio Alternative) re-wires arms or not? He is one of the best for Linn table repairs, updates and setup.
@mofimadness thanks for the Brit Audio recommendation.  Talked with Rick and probably not an option.
^5 for Michael at Brit Audio.  He is fast, reliable and does HIGH quality work for reasonable cost.