Linn Isobarik PMS

Looking for any and all experiences/opinions of the Linn Isobarik PMS speakers. Thoughts on using 3 older Naim 250 Amps to set up a Tri-Amp system? Many thanks !
If I remember correctly this was a popular set up 20 years ago, should excell in PRAT. I like the idea. I could be wrong about this, but, I believe the Naim crowd believes in regular maintance of their gear. If this maintance includes replacing the caps, this might get costly with a tri-amp set up.
Try asking at Lot's of Brik (DMS/PMS Isobarik) users and ex-users over there.
I think that is "DMS" regardless of what time of the month it is and as Unsound pointed out this match is the very definition of PRAT in the past. Naim being the amp of choice for the Linn speakers long before they started production of their own. Happy Listening!
DMS = domestic monitor system
PMS = professional monitor system

I'm not sure if the differences were purely aesthetic (ala ATC) but they were two distinct speakers.
The DMS models came with a passive crossover, the PMS models had no passive crossover with them and were intended to be used with Linn's Aktiv crossover and three amplifiers. Other than that they were the same speakers. I started with a pair of DMS and a single amp and then upgraded to the Aktiv setup. I love mine and if I ever had something happen to them I'm sure I'd try and find a used pair to replace them.