Linn Ikemi vs. Naim CDX2

has anyone made a comparison between these two CDP's ?
any comments ?

I mainly refer to the CDX2 without XPS/XPS2, but, in case, comments on comparison Ikemi vs CDX2+XPS/XPS2 are welcome as well.

I owned an Ikemi - very, very nice sounding CD player. Only problem: LINN has totally dropped the ball on supporting older products (trust me, I was a LINN guy for about 20 years). You will not be able to get an Ikemi fixed, EVER if something should happen to it. As far as Naim in terms of sound or repair, I cannot speak. But, I will say this: A LINN Majik DS or Akurate DS will totally destroy either of those players.
I believe that Linn supports its products, but I think that they require you to go through a dealer. Good luck if you haven't purchased from a dealer, whether new or used.

LINN is not supporting ANY old CD players and no longer even manufactures CD players.
The CDX1 is a close match to the Ikemi. I guess the CDx2 is by far a better unit.