Linn Ikemi & SACD

Does the Linn Ikemi play two-channel (not hybrid) SACDs? According to a table in the latest Home Theater Mag Buyers Guide it does, but I haven't found confirmation anywhere else. I suspect it's a typo.
Linn's sacd player is called the Unidisk player I think? The Ikemi plays redbook cd's.

Ikemi can play those hybrid SACD, in fact it is playing the DSD layer. All redbook CDP works in the same way.
I think you have it reversed. All redbook players will play the hybrid layer of an SACD, but they can't play the DSD layer(SACD). It must be a SACD player to play the DSD layer. Gary.
A "hybrid" has a CD layer and an SACD layer. A CD player, like
the Ikemi, will play the CD layer of a "hybrid" SACD. If you want
to hear the SACD layer, you need an SACD player. Linn does
make a Universal Player called the Unidisk, which plays DVD-A,
SACD and CD, for around $11,000. If it doesn't have to be Linn, there are other Universal Players for less. If you're set on the
Ikemi, it will only play CD's, but in that regard, it has drawn nice