Linn Ikemi or Nu-vista 3d to replace a Linn Genki?

How much of an improvement will I get by replacing my Linn Genki with either the Ikemi or 3d?
Sorry, I wanted to add that I have the Nu-vista m3 integrated amp with nautilus 804 speakers. My cable from cd to integrated is the cardas golden cross. Speaker cable is nordost blue heaven bi-wired.
The Ikemi and the 3D are both quite a bit more refined and natural than the Genki but as the question which one to get, try to listen to them head-to-head so you can see which one would work better with your system. You couldn't go wrong with either.
I also have an M3 Nu Vista and partner it with the 3D. I cannot imagine a better match. Everything that has been said about the 3D is true. But the bigger truth is that there are only a handful left for sale in the States. (There were far less than half of the run of 500 allocated here.) If you want one, a month from now, or less, it may not be possible. This should also bode well for the future for any owners of this piece.
I also suggest that you audition the Meridian 508. I have a lot of Linn gear, including a Karik, and I was seduced by the 508.
Nu Vista 3d without any comparison. It is seriously one of the top cd players in the world now. At all the stereo shows people have been using this player to show off their products. I would personally say that this player competes more with the linn cd 12 than the ikemi. It is a very special piece that is worth fay beyond its list price.
Keep your Genki, forget the Ikemi and Nuvista, and get a Chord DAC 64. The Genki will make a good transport. The Chord DAC is extremely close to the CD 12 and costs only about $3000. Within the last 18 months, I have bought a Genki, upgraded to the much superior Ikemi and ditched the Ikemi to get a DAC 64!
Try an EC EMC-1 as well.