Linn ikemi heard : can you check my opinions ?

Just heard the ikemi in a Linn shop in a full Linn chain. I am now trying to extrapolate how the ikemi could sound alone.
As usual it's hard inside an unknown chain.
The impression is that it has a tooo long bass, not gummy, on the contrary very natural but too long and uncontrolled.
Could it be from the linn transport suspension?
The midbass is great and very articulate and detailed.
On the highs the air is a bit missing but not harsh.

My intention will be to use it as a standalone player and therefore selling my good sounding electrocompaniet ECD-1.(previous CD player already sold) The operation is risky because when the DAC inside the Linn will not outperform my ECD-1 i will have a great splash.

As i will buy the ikemi 2nd hand don't wanna ask a home trial, unfair for the linn shop.
So i am trying to extrapolate what it could be.

The other alternative is to go for a 2nd hand transport and keep the ECD-1.
Would love your help in solve the puzzle.
Second hand or not, if you are buying from a dealer that you know, I would expect and request a home trial. Take it home just before the dealer closes so he/she does not miss out on a potential sale. Return it early the next business day.