Linn Genki - Variable outputs

I have a Linn Genki feeding an LK85 and an LK140 into Aktiv Ninkas. While I really enjoy the system, it has been suggested that I would benefit from adding a pre-amp between the Genki and power amps.

Does anyone have experience of this and would a Kolektor pre-amp give noticable results over the variable outputs on the Genki. I do not need any additional inputs at the moment so that is not an issue.
I used to own a Genki and a pair of LK-240. My dealer told me to get a preamp, they ruled out the Kolektor because that what it's inside the Genki. I got a Wakonda and it made a great improvement.
Interesting, my dealer suggests the Kolektor is better than the Wakonda... Maybe that's because he can't sell a Wakonda (discontinued) but he can sell a Kolektor...

Thanks for the input
I have owned both, the Wakonda is better, and Ihave tried a few digital sources directly into an amp, I always prefer it with the preamp, a Wakonda is a great value used, I have one with a Lk 100, sounds very nice
I used to have a Genki. I used it with a Kairn and yes without a doubt it was much better than the Genki's variable outputs.