LInn Genki and Sonos - Adding a DAC

I have both components above and I am considering adding a DAC to my system if it will enhance the performance.

I am not interested in changing the Linn or Sonos components, just making an improvement in the sound at a reasonable price ($750 or less).

I would like to spend less than $750 used or new for the DAC. It needs to have 2 inputs so I can hook both components to it.

I would appreciate recommendations for audition. The Linn requires a 75 ohm coax connecton. The Sonos can use that or an optical connection.

Thanks for any purchase or audition recommendations. If you think it will not matter or have a significant improvement, I would also appreciate your thoughts.
Will a DAC improve on the sound from my Linn Genki CD player?
The Sonos is notoriously high in jitter, so adding a reclocker to this is recommended. I use a ZP-90 with Synchro-Mesh reclocker.

An external DAC can have a lot of advantages because of the separate power system from the transport and more space to do better power delivery. The quality is however still linked to the amount of jitter from the transport. Most DACs are not capable of reducing this much. Be prepared to spend some cash, at least $500 on a good S/PDIF cable to make the DAC effective.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I have the Genki... it was literally gathering dust while I used the PS Audio Dlink III DAC as the 2 were not very synergistic, emphasized each others faults and the DAC that was part of the Genki was even more dated. Now that I have the Metrum Octave, I am enjoy the Genki again as a transport and I find it more detailed than the Oppo BDP-103 for CD/HDCD. Thats $1100 well spent.
It is also true that the digital cable matters... however you don't have to spend $500. Parts connexion sells DIY material to make a respectable digital cable for about $120 if you aren't tool challenged.

Furutech FX-Alpha-Ag (1 meter silver stranded cable)
Furutech FP-106(R)(rhodium plated, filament center pin RCA plug)
Furutech FP-3-117(R)single( BNC end required for Genki digital out)
Thank you Gavide256 and Audioengr for your comments. I was looking at a Cambridge Azur Magicdac at a local shop because of the dual inputs as well as toslink, coax and usb inputs. Any thoughts on this?

Davide256, would I need to solder to make the cable or just crimp?

Audioengr, what is a Synchro-Mesh reclocker?
Jperry - Synchro-Mesh installs between the source and DAC. It is digital in and digital out. Reclocks and reduces jitter. The input and cable does not matter. the output cable should be a good one. It can be further improved by upgrading the wall-wart to a Hynes linear supply.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Audioengr, Thanks for the info on the Synchro-Mesh. I will look it up on-line.