linn espek or pmc gb1 with Audio Ref YBA

Been looking for more bass in my system without having to go to a sub. Tried the Ascend Acoustics Sierra tower and the Tekton Mini Lore - neither had enough punch and rhythm for me. My Tekton 6.5t monitors have that but I want some more lower end.

I just missed out on a great local deal on some linn cherry espeks. I have heard the AV5140 and liked them - most say the espeks are better and have seen multiple posts that they should be placed right around 12" from the front wall (perfect, see below). I found a pair of pmc gb1 north of me (somewhat local) for a good deal also.

Which one would you recommend? Both would be placed about 12" from front wall and about 7 feet apart. Rest of room and system details are in my system link.

If your current speakers have 2 sets of binding posts, I would try using 4 channels of your amp instead of 2. That may be all you need.
Tried that. Not much difference.
Does anyone have some linn espeks in cherry that they are thinking of selling in / near the Seattle area?
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I used to have 5140s is large room-nice speaker with good bass. Well made and good looking
make sure u get Kustone bases to sit them on.
fairly easy to drive- david