Linn Classik, w/ two LK 140's - Active ?

I have a bedroom system, consisting of a Linn Classik (Music model, not Cinema) an LK-140 and pair of Katans.
Just picked up another LK-140 and Active cards to convert to an Active configuration - but cannot figure where to plug the second LK-140, as there is only one "pre out" on the rear of the Classik.

Appreciate any help or guidance. Thanks.
Go to Linns website - they have manuals available, or did last time I checked.
Hello Anubis,

The standard approach in your situation is to "daisy chain", using the "Line Input" and "Line Output" connections on the back of the LK-140. The wiring would proceeds as follows:

1) Classik Left output to Left "Line Input" of #1 LK140

2) #1 LK140 Left "Line Output" to Left "Line Input" of #2 LK140

3/4)Ditto for the Right channel.

People argue over whether the treble cards should sit in amp #1 vs. #2, and you can experiment to determine whether you can hear a difference -- but for what it's worth, I've put the treble Aktiv cards in amp #1.

The LK140 manual can be found on:
(scroll down to "LK85 and LK140")

Congratulations on your new Aktiv setup!! Hope you enjoy the performance, and best wishes. =)
You should be able to use the pass thru on the LK-140. I'm pretty sure the pass thru isn't affected by the active card. You'll know when you listen.
A sincere THANK YOU for this excellent info !!

Linn allows daisy-chaining very well if you use Linn interconnects. My only modification is to vertical bi-amp w/ one amp per speaker and not one amp for bass and the other for treble. The bass drivers take more omph to push and it will stress the amps power supply more. It is better to split the bass to two amps. You will have more drive and a tighter bass.