Linn Classik or Majik --- Bi Wire

one of these i will buy this year---i have a pair of linn tukans(bi wired),
can i still keep my LK400 biwire and use them with the classik or majik?????
I have a Classik, and it has two sets of outputs. Be advised that it does use a non-US standard type of output jack, that makes using high end cables with spades or bananas difficult. My dealer was able to supple me with a set of adapters that permit me to use standard bananas. The Classik is a great unit...I love mine!

The Majik is bi-wireable. I'm sure the Classik is also. The Linn website is:

Go to cutomer support, choose owners manuals, choose English and pick your product. Since Linn has been promoting bi-wiring and Aktiv for so long I'm sure all equipment is similiar.

Happy listening,