Linn Classik Movie versus Linn Classik Movie DI

Does someone has compared the Linn Classik Movie versus the newer Linn Classik Movie DI?
Yes. Very important distinction between the two....the Di has component out for video, the older one does not. BIG difference.
The main functional difference is that the DI has Digital Inputs (hence the name) for processing external digital sources such as set top boxes.
They're both already nearly has-beens with the exclusion of a DVI/HDMI output jack. Like Bose, Linn charges a lot for their all in one "design" that is significantly inferior to a majority of the alternatives.

Moving from component to DVI is as big a shift (perhaps bigger) than moving from VCR to DVD.
I think you can get high definition through the Scart socket of the European version, and the Linn manual says it handles High Definition - but nothing more, so it is not clear which standard you will get. Sky boxes also chuck out high def via non-DVI/HDMI sockets.