Linn CLassik connections....

From what I gather...due to the unique connections on this is impossible to use other speaker cables...I gathered this from a this true?
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You can use any cables you'd like, but you do have to use their connectors. Strip off about 1/4" of insulator off the end of the cable, slide the bare wire up through one of the holes in the right-angled barrel connector, then tighten the set screw at the back of the connector with a very small screwdriver. Slide the plastic sleeve over the barrel connector and you're ready to plug into the Classik.
Jeffloistarca is right. You can buy the connectors from a Linn dealer, if I remember correctly they were about $4 each, and attach them yourself to whatever speaker cable you want. The mechanical connection is pretty straightforward. I'd recommend you not try to solder them, as well.
Nordost Z-Plug will also fit, you can buy them and solder them to your wires or buy Nordost speaker cables. The Z-Plugs makes a better conection than the Deltron that Linn uses. Once in place it's very hard to remove, it's a very
tight fit. Hope this information will help you.