Linn Classic vs Linn Majik

Which of these two integrateds are better? Thanks Dave
The Classik (with a K) is not just an integrated --- depending on which Classik, it also has a CD or DVD player and a tuner, as well as clock-radio functions.

Majik, on the other hand, refers to a whole range of products that include power amps, preamps, integrateds and other components. I believe that any Majik will have better performance than any Classik.
Seperates are usually better. I had an all Linn system, and a Classik. The all in one is excellent and you can add another amp to it. Used in the best condition you can find is the best way to go with Linn. New retail Linn is way way over priced. I'm someone that very rarely will buy used, but again new Linn products are way too high. They build good equipment but also know how to market even better.