Linn Classic--Any Alternatives?

Does anyone know of an alternative to the Linn Classic for my kitchen? If not, what should I expect to pay for one used? I've only got about 1000 bucks. Thank you in advance for your help.
NAD makes the L40 all in one - FM tuner,amp & cd player. A respectable 20 w/ch and if mated to a fairly efficient pair of speakers will be more than enough for a kitchen. We use one in the wife's system (livingroom) and it does a nice job. New should cost about 60% of a used Classik. For $1000 budget you could get the NAD, speakers and some new software.
For your kitchen, why wouldn't the NAD L-40 work? I've owned the Linn, it's sweet and I own the NAD, it's also very listenable at a fraction of the price.
I'd lean towards something like a Proton clock radio for a kitchen. Surprising sound for a clock radio. I owned a NAD L40, sold it and picked up a Classik. The two aren't in the same league at all FWIW
The NAD has classic dimensions, ie of a standard chassis. The LINN is, of course, LINN sized. Perhaps worth considering if size is an issue.

Another consideration: Denon makes somes decent little shelf systems mated to Mission speakers. Not quite as nice sonically as the above two, but a tight little package.

I own both the L40 and the Classik, and they both sound great, the former through DCM Time Pieces in the bedroom. And the latter with Silverline monitors and a REL subwoofer. A consideration is AM radio, you don't get that in the L40, in case you monitor traffic reports with breakfast. I would question the placing of a valuable CD player in the kitchen. I am always amazed at where cooking grease has gotten to when I'm cleaning. Can this be good for a CD pickup?...just a question