Linn CD12

Hi All,

How would you all compare a CD12 in terms of performance versus cd players in the 5k-10k range currently. I have tested a Ayre Cx-5e and was very impressed. I know the CD12 is or was very expensive (the product has been discontinued I believe) but since I never had a chance to audition one was curious to ask those who have heard it what they thought. Does it still stand head and shoulders above most current players?
Yes, the CD12 has been discontinued. The chips it uses became unavailable, so Linn had no choice. They claim to have an adequate supply for any needed repairs to current units, but no new CD12s have been made for well over a year.

Of course I haven't heard all the available CD players, but being familiar with the CD12, I would say yes, it is head and shoulders above things in this price range. There is always the matter of personal taste, and digital sound is very personal, so nothing is absolute. Still, I think most people who have heard it agree the CD 12 isn't bettered my many things at any price point. Bettered by some of the newest ultra high end digital sources perhaps (think Meitner), but not by anything else.
Hi, I listened to the CD12 extensively and compared it to several players and DACs. The Ayre wasn't even close. It's a good piece, but the CD12 is still state of the art. The Theta Gen VIII was 50% of the price and was 95% as good though. The EMM setup for $30K may have more information, but lacked the pace and rhythm of the CD12. That would be a matter of preference and system IMHO.

I settled on the Gen VIII. The only way you'll be able to hear what the CD12 can do is by buying a top flight preamp too. That means a VTL 7.5 or equivalent. So if price is no object that's the way to go. Personally, I look at it from the perspective that I saved $20K.

Good luck!
Hi all,

Thanks for the comments. I decided to back off the second hand CD12 at the moment and continue my search. Mike thanks for the insight. I never thought of Theta as an option but will keeps my eyes open for it.

I think the CD12 must be a hell of a product (especially second hand) but do feel that there may be alternatives like you've stated that would suffice.