Linn CD Player Tweaks

Has anybody had any luck with any tweaks for Linn CD players, especially the Genki? I have used Tara Labs Vanishing Points (4 sounds better than 3) under the unit with some success, better focus, more defined bass but was wondering what else I should try. The PCs I tried on this unit didn't make any discernable difference to me but I am open to suggestion (PCs, isolation, etc.). Thanks.
I've tried several kinds of things under my Linn Karik III and settled on a Neuance shelf. I thought it delivered the best tonal balance and most coherent sound... also better pace and rhythm than cones, which surprised me for some reason. I still like a weight on top (a Mapleshade Heavyhat) ... I think. I'm not sure it makes the difference it used to before I started using the Neuance -- haven't settled that issue in my mind. Also, it would make sense to experiment with different feet with the Neuance, but I am satisfied and have ceased to find amusement in all the fiddling around. Haven't played with PCs; someone told me a better PC helped their Karik, but I note your results.
Gotta second the Neuance under my CDP. Tightened up the mid/treble sufficiently to reduce annoyance with digital grunge! I THINK I prefer it with cones, too, although I'm not sure about this. Ditto weighting the top (I think this is more a function of the individual CDP's box-panel stiffness). Good luck!
My Karik III seems little affected by the tweaks I've tried. It was immune to power cords from Shunyata and JPS, so I went back to stock. I eventually removed the Airmass isolation platform I used for a few months, after I tried Audio Points brass cones. The Airmass seemed to soften and slow the bass slightly. I still use the Audio Points, which had a small effect in opening up the sound and adding shimmer to cymbals and bite to horns. Audio Points have improved every CD player I've ever owned, and I use them under my DVD, too. Your post makes me think I should try again with combinations of nothing, Audio Points and the Airmass. I was tweaking a lot of stuff in the system (and room) when I was tweaking the Karik, and now the rest of the system has settled in and is really smokin' (did Miles ever do a Smokin' with Miles?). I did find that Isopods under my old LK1 (now serving in a multiroom setup) made a real improvement. Let us know if you find something that works for you.