Linn CD-12 vs. Audio Aero Capitole 24/192

Any opinions on the new Capatole 24/192 vs. the Linn CD-12?

Assuming both units were in the same price range, how would you compare the two units?
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Stanford, version 2 of the Capitole 192/24 has just been released in North America; there may be a few in Europe that are broken in but mostly i've heard feedback on the prototypes. so it is probably too soon for a Capitole v.2/Linn CD-12 shootout. i did order a new Capitole to compare to my CD-12 and will keep the better of the two.

a few months back i did a shootout in my room with the "old" Capitole 192/24 and my Linn CD-12. i preferred the CD-12 as having greater clarity and resolution, but i was very impressed with the Capitole. the Capitole had more bass slam but less bass definition, the Capitole had a slightly more layered soundstage but again, less definition and detail, the Linn was slightly faster with better microdynamics. i thought the Linn had more presence and ease.

some others listeners in this comparison preferred the was that close. kinda depends on your priorities.

in general, the Capitole gives up detail for smoothness, whereas the Linn gives you all the detail and still has that naturalness.

i hope this helps