Linn Basik tt + Akita arm Questions

Cartridge suggestions? My system can handle an MC.

Mat suggestion? Tweaks for this combo?

I have an LP12 w/Basik plus arm. I quite enjoy the Shure V15MxR cartidge. Even if I had a better arm, I'm not really that interested in MC carts.
Hi there,
I would suggest the Akito will handle most moving coils very well.Friedns have had good results with high ouput Ultimos on the Akito - I don't think it merits spending megabucks.
On my Linn(s) & Xerxes, I have been very impressed with the extremphono donut & skin mats. Never liked felt and always used Ringmat XLR - the extreme is better in every respect (imo). as much detail but more 'body' and better balanced.
Also it's reasonably priced.
Cheers Si
Oh, sorry, there's a Herbie's mat on mine. Tried Ringmat, too bright.
Any comparison with an acrylic mat? Are you talking about their carbon graphite Donut?
No comparisons with acrylic, only the original felt mat. Herbie's mat is open cell silicone.
Not tried the carbon graphite @speed'mat just the donut & skin. Must try the speedmat and more donuts.
I agree the ringmat is a tad bright but better detail than
felt. Not tried acrylic.